How Does Mining Work in the Cloud?

Curious about how mining works in the cloud? Here are the basics of MinerMining’s business model for mining cryptocurrency:


AntMiner or DragonMint is designed specifically for the mining of ASIC based 256 cryptocurrencies. When it comes to mining equipment, this is among the most highly efficient options around. Hundreds of miners are housed inside MinerMining’s datacenters.


Miners need to connect to their user’s choice of pool. MinerMining features many different pools, which enables its users to choose the pools they wish to connect to from a wide variety of choices. MinerMining’s users can therefore find which combination is the most profitable.


Any cryptocurrency that is mined is then distributed to all MinerMining’s customers. How much each customer receives will vary based on how large their share of hashrate is in relation to the entire system.


Miner Cloud Mining – What is it Exactly

Why Choose Our Cloud Mining Service?

With Miner Mining, making smarter investments in digital assets has never been easier. We’ve set up a cryptocurrency mining system that works for everyone. Whether you’re new to the world of crypto mining, are a Bitcoin expert or large-scale crypto/blockchain investor, our cloud mining service contracts will work for you.

We’ve set up a large scale mining contact service that supports not only Bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies that use different algorithms. With us, you can mine Bitcoins and a variety of other altcoins in a simple, affordable and highly efficient way.  With Miner Mining you can Cloud mine the following out our data centers and farms throughout the globe.

  • Bitcoin
  • Dash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • Zcash

Our Bitcoin cloud mining company is staffed with a team of digital money and cryptocurrency experts. Our operations are structured in a way that delivers investors the most reliable and powerful cryptocurrency mining rentals they can find anywhere in the world.

The Many Benefits of Mining With Miner Mining

Our rented hardware mining service offers you many advantages over the competition and in-home mining. Here are some of the top benefits you’ll get when you take advantage of our mining services:

Smart and Unique Mining Solutions

Our mining service started out by mining a profitable portfolio of altcoins, which were then exchanged for Bitcoin whenever needed. This allowed us to specialize in mining several altcoins, while avoided a crowed Bitcoin mining market.

Due to increased client demand, we’ve modified our service in August 2014 to allow direct Bitcoin mining. However, we still mine several altcoins that use different algorithms. This made us the world’s first large scale multi algorithm mining service. With Miner Mining, whether you want to mine Bitcoin or another crypto coin, we’ve got you covered.

Profitable Cryptocurrency Mining

Our service guarantees that no matter which package you’ve selected, you’ll have access to the latest cryptocurrency mining technology. This guarantees profitability for a long time. At Miner Mining, we’ve paid close attention to the location of our datacenters. This gives us access to affordable electricity and highly efficient cooling, boosting profits for miners.

In addition to this, you can get started mining today. There’s no downtime nor waiting for setup.

Simple and Pleasant Cryptocurrency Mining

When you opt for a contract with Miner Mining, you won’t have to worry about the complexities of setting up and maintaining your own mining rig. You’ll be mining in the cloud, without having to set up any equipment in your home.

You control everything through our simple user interface, which has received a lot of praise from our clients.

A Legitimate Company With Real People Working For It

There are many other cloud mining provider out there. The problem with many of them, even the highly popular ones that advertise heavily all over Bitcoin-related websites, is that there is little information available about their founders and their management team. Certain cloud mining companies also offer prices that are unrealistically low.

At Miner Mining, we’re a lot more transparent. You can easily see information about how our company is managed and who founded it. We’re also active on a variety of discussion forums and participate in many cryptocurrency conferences. This gives you the assurance that you’re dealing with a legitimate company that has nothing to hide.

Plenty of Promotions on a Regular Basis

We strive to give our clients the most value for their money. We have regular promotions for both new and existing customers. When you mine with us, you can receive offers for upgrades to your hashing power or a discount on your contract price.

Miner Mining also offers an affiliate program, which lets you earn upgrades to your mining contract by referring others to use our best cloud mining sites and services.

Simple Pricing Structure With Easy Setup

A Miner Mining contract is a simple way to profit from cryptocurrency mining and has many advantages over setting up your own mining rigs at home or in a datacenter, such as:

  • No pool fees.
  • No need to wait weeks or months for your mining equipment to be shipped.
  • No downtime due to system crashes.
  • Zero maintenance needed on your part.
  • No complicated setup.
  • No need to worry about keeping your mining rig running cool.
  • No dealing with noisy mining equipment at home.
  • No worrying about electricity costs affecting the profitability of your mining operation.

When you purchase a mining contract with us, you buy hashpower that you keep for a life time. This makes us one of the simplest cryptocurrency mining companies to do business with.

Miner Mining Supports Altcoins

While Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, it’s far from being the only one worth mining. Here at Miner Mining, we believe in the importance of supporting altcoins. Diversity in the world of cryptocurrencies is responsible for innovation. Different coins with strong communities are what helps make the entire crypto mining industry interesting to newcomers and experienced veterans alike.

We offer a large portfolio of altcoins for our clients to choose from. Occasionally, we’ll expand our portfolio to include other altcoins besides the ones currently available. Check out the polls on our Facebook page, as they allow everyone to vote on which coins they want added next.

Choose Which Coins You Mine With Your Hashpower

Many competing cloud mining services force you to direct all of your purchased hashpower to mine Bitcoin or just one altcoin. At Miner Mining, we’ve designed our system to be a lot more flexible. You can choose exactly which coins you want to mine with the hashpower in your cloud mining contract.

We allow flexible allocation of your hashpower between coins. This lets you change which coins you mine at any point in time. All you need to do is make the change by using our simple user interface and it will take effect immediately.


  • Cryptocurrency Minimum payout
  • BTC 0.005 (500 000 satoshi)
  • BCH 0.0015
  • BTG 0.01
  • BTCD 0.001
  • CURE 0.2
  • DOGE 50
  • DASH 0.001
  • ETH 0.075
  • ETC 0.15
  • REP 0.1
  • LTC 0.002
  • NMC 1
  • PPC 0.01
  • START 0.1
  • UNO 0.001
  • XMR 0.4
  • ZEC 0.001
  • ZET 1

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