The best Bitcoin cloud mining contracts

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Mining Pool Features

Highly Profitable Bitcoin Mining Pool

We pay our miners a 98% block reward, which makes us the top paying PPS pool you can find. Simply put, you’ll make more by mining with us.

Cloud Mining

Our cloud mining contracts allow you to get started immediately. As all mining is done in the cloud, you don’t need to purchase and set up your own hardware. Furthermore, our cloud mining service comes with 100% guaranteed uptime to ensure you can profit from Bitcoin mining with no interruptions.

Mine Your Choice of Cryptocurrency

We give you the chance to mine either Bitcoin Core (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Our system also allows you to automatically direct your hashing power towards the coin that is the most profitable at the moment.

Cloud Mining Contracts

We have several cloud mining contracts to choose from, with terms ranging from 6 months to 2 years.

Secure and Reliable Cloud-Based Bitcoin Mining

The mining pool has entered into a partnership with the biggest Bitcoin mining farm in North America. This allows us to bring you secure and reliable cloud hashing, while keeping our operating costs low, which results in bigger profits for our miners. Mining Pool FAQ

  • How Do I Start Mining?

If you already have Bitcoin mining hardware, like an Antminer S9 or Avalon 721, all you have to do is to direct your hashing power to the address provided on your dashboard.

However, you don’t need to supply your own hardware to get started at our mining pool. We offer several cloud mining contracts you can select from. You just purchase one on our website and can start mining right away. With out cloud mining contracts, the hardware is already provided for you.

  • What Makes Mining at the Pool More Profitable Than Elsewhere?

There are dozens of Bitcoin mining pools out there, but our service is one of the most established, reliable and profitable. We currently pay 98% of the block reward and our share acceptance rates are extremely high when compared with competing pools. Out cloud mining contracts are among the best in the industry, as their prices are highly competitive.

  • Why Does Miner Mining Sell Cloud Mining Contracts?

Bitcoin Mining Hosting

Bitcoin Miner Hosting

Many users wonder why we choose to sell cloud mining contracts instead of just using our hardware to mine for ourselves and keeping all of the resulting profits. The reason is simple: selling cloud mining contracts allows us to grow our hashrate much faster. We reinvest the revenue from our sales to immediately purchase and deploy additional mining gear.

If we didn’t provide cloud mining contracts to our users, we would have a limited ability to acquire more hardware. By selling contracts at a discount of what they will earn lets us grow our service a lot more rapidly.

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